Karen Innocenti
Karen Innocenti | Esthetic Services

To promote the complete healing process – physical, mental, and emotional – Contra Costa Oncology has partnered with Karen Innocenti to offer micropigmentation services, also known as permanent makeup. This process involves the implantation of sterile natural pigments into the skin to enhance facial features. Some clients like a natural look while others prefer a bold dramatic look. Both can easily be accomplished with permanent makeup, as each treatment is as unique as the individual receiving it. Pigment colors are custom blended especially for you and skillfully applied into the dermal layer of the skin, leaving a natural-appearing enhancement.

Permanent makeup is worry free makeup that fits your individual lifestyle. You can sleep, work, exercise, and even swim with the confidence of knowing you look your best. Visit Karen Innocenti’s website to learn more about her services.


Eyebrow enhancement is great for an unshaped brow, sparse hairs on the brow, half an eyebrow, or no eyebrow hair at all. You can artistically change the shape of your brow to its best potential.


Eyeliner can be done a few different ways, you can go between the lashes to enhance your eyes naturally or you can have a more defining line, still looking soft, but more noticeable than the lash enhancement.


Lip color can create fuller, sexier lips and also extenuate your cupid’s bow. It will eliminate the problem of bleeding lipstick, or disappearing lips after eating. Any color can be created.


Enhance your existing beauty marks or create a new one. They are usually very small in size and easily achieved.


Scar camouflaging is for hiding scars, whether they’re from birth, surgery, or an accident.