CCO Only Site To Offer Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment

Contra Costa Oncology is the first and only cancer treatment center in Contra Costa County to offer the life-extending treatment PLUVICTO for advanced prostate cancer. As a certified PLUVICTO Treatment Center, CCO continues to offer cutting-edge pioneering care that is not found anywhere else. 

PLUVICTO is a revolutionary treatment in the fight against advanced prostate cancer. Its targeted therapy delivers radiation treatment directly to PSMA+ cells. Those with prostate cancer find out if it's PSMA+ by having a PSMA PET scan.

While PLUVICTO isn’t a cure for cancer, it offers significant benefits. It can potentially extend the lifespan of some men and effectively decelerate the growth of their tumors. As the first and only FDA-approved PSMA-targeted radioligand therapy, it has shown to significantly extend survival in patients with this specific advanced prostate cancer. Contra Costa Oncology takes pride in leading the way in offering this treatment.